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Kia in Greece

Kia Hellas was founded on 22 December 1998 undertaking the exclusive representation for cars, parts and support services for the Kia brand in the Greek market. Since the end of December 2017, 70% of Kia Hellas has belonged to Autohellas. Autohellas is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and is a member of the larger Th. Vassilakis Group which operates, inter alia, in the air transport industry through the listed company AEGEAN.

In 2018, Kia Hellas doubled its market share and as a member of the Autohellas Group, it is now well-placed thanks to a network of 31 Licensed Distributors to achieve even higher results and lead technological developments in the auto sector. It is broadening its product range, from the small Picanto city car with standards of the more advanced categories, to the dynamic Rio and the high-tech Ceed. It is also expanding its range of SUVs with the innovative Stonic and Sportage. It is taking initiatives both in terms of products and customer experiences, making the Kia motto “the power to surprise” a reality.

Kia internationally

Kia Motors Corporation was founded in 1944 and is the oldest car manufacturer in South Korea. From making bicycles, it soon moved into the manufacture of trucks and, a little later, into making cars when it bought out Asia Motors. In 1998 it became part of the largest group in South Korea, the Hyundai Motor Group, the world’s fifth largest car manufacturer, comprised of three steelmakers, 14 companies in the shipbuilding and construction sector, and 23 other companies in the sectors of high technology, financial services, the production and distribution of spare parts, software, handling services, etc. With:

  • Eight (8) central offices dispersed over every continent,
  • Four (4) Research and Technology Centres,
  • Two (2) Design Centres in California and Germany, as well as
  • Eleven (11) car plants

Kia is a brand with a truly global footprint.

With the motto “the power to surprise”, Kia makes cars with an emphasis on quality in manufacture, high technology and design. Having won 25 prizes in design, manufacturing quality, reliability as well as safety, Kia is winning over increasing numbers of fans, and in the period 2008 – 2017 increased its global sales by 98%. With a range that fully covers all car categories, it is permanently ranked in the top three for quality and reliability in studies by JD Power. Beyond the quality of its manufacture, which allows it to offer unique 7-year factory warranties for its cars, it differs significantly from other car manufacturers because of the premium features integrated into its product range, which target drivers who are not only young in terms of age but also in terms of lifestyle.

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