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Autohellas was the first to introduce Operating Leasing in Greece in 1989, under the Hertz brand. Since then, it has been dedicated to only one goal: to offer the best corporate fleet management services to its customers, while reducing management and operational costs. Thanks to its assets and long experience, Autohellas is an expert in its field:

  • It ensures that a company fleet is safe for the road
  • It offers immediate and flexible solutions for any issue that might arise in company fleet management
  • The Group’s staff is highly trained and experienced in matters relating to company cars, offering solutions and proposals to cover a company’s needs, always with customer satisfaction in mind

For the immediate and effective servicing of its customers’ needs, the Autohellas Group has created 7 integrated state-of-the-art facilities (mechanics, paint shop, garage) and over 70 service points in Greece.

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