Sustainable development is a driving force of our business activity and a compass for our business course and action.

We develop our business activity according to our mission and values, recognizing at the same time that the principles of sustainable development are a constituent element of our responsible course and continuous evolution. We recognize that our operation has direct and indirect economic, social and environmental impact on stakeholders, as well as on the broader economy, society and the natural environment. We are, therefore, committed to acting as a responsible social and business partner and to integrate goals and actions into our strategy to maximize our offering in all matters.

The areas of sustainable development we focus on are:

  • High quality and innovation of services
  • Good governance and economic sustainability
  • Care for our people
  • Protection of the natural environment
  • Social progress and prosperity

For more information, please explore the following files:
Summary of Sustainability Report 2022
Sustainability Report 2021.



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