Human Resources


The Group’s human resources are one of its main investments for achieving its business goals. Autohellas runs a number of educational programmes, as it fully understands the role of lifelong and effective education for its employees in the implementation of the company strategy and for achieving long-term business success.

Securing human resources is a central issue when training the Autohellas Group staff, as one of its key principles is equality and equal treatment for each customer, and it opposes all forms of discriminatory behaviour. The main education categories for the employees concern technical issues, sales and how to provide customers with the best service.

In 2017 alone, there were over 3,830 hours of training and seminars, with the goal of improving and specialising staff.

Workplace Placement

The Group’s companies, in collaboration with higher educational institutions throughout Greece, offer students the opportunity to do their workplace placement in our facilities, where they can apply their knowledge and gain professional and career experience, while discovering the real-life working environment of a large group of companies.

Their development and progress are monitored systematically during their workplace placement, and regular reports and comments on their performance offered.

In 2017, over 15 students chose to do their workplace placement with the Autohellas Group.


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