Human Resources

Company Culture

The strategic goal of the Autohellas Group is to lead developments in the market in a dynamic way, with the customer at the center of our attention, and to continue being a model organization both for our customers and for our employees.

Development of the human resources of the Autohellas Group is the key that leads to achieving the strategic goals it has set. The strategy towards human resources is to attract to the Group and keep people with a creative and collective outlook, an aptitude for innovation, a focus on results, with integrity and a collegial sense of respect, a true passion for the car and new technologies and a genuine interest in serving customers’ needs. The goal of Autohellas is to be a model workplace for its potential and current employees, whereby they themselves will want to work and to produce work. With over 1,700 employees in 9 countries, the Autohellas Group would like to offer people the opportunity to continuously develop their professional skills and career, within a dynamic and demanding sector.


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