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Car Rentals

In Cyprus, Autotechnica (Cyprus) Ltd., an Autohellas subsidiary, is active in the car rentals sector through the Hertz and Firefly brands, and in used car sales through the Stock Center Cyprus.

Hertz is one of the largest Rent a Car companies in Cyprus based on its financial capacity, experience and the size of the fleet of vehicles it manages. It has operated on the island for over 40 years under a franchise agreement with Hertz International. In 2005, Autohellas took over the Hertz franchise, and is now active in the Car Rental and Operating Leasing sectors.

Firefly was founded in March 2013, with the aim to offer a reliable car rental service with great discount rates, especially designed for holiday travel. It operates through the Hertz offices and its customers are served by the same experienced staff.

At the same time, with the creation of the Stock Center, a new Model Used Car Center, the Group has expanded its activities to the sale of used cars.


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