Human Resources

Working Environment & Benefits

The Autohellas Group, wishing continuously to award its employees, offers them a complete and organised set of benefits and services, which helps improve their standard of living. These benefits involve:

  • A competitive salary package, rewarding the contributions of the employees
  • Group healthcare and hospital care package
  • Group pension scheme
  • Continuous training
  • Pleasant working environment in modern buildings
  • Modernised gym in the company’s central headquarters
  • Canteen and restaurant with special prices in the Group’s central facilities
  • Interactive festive events for the children of employees
  • Special benefits and discounts on the Group’s services

Health and Safety

The Autohellas Group has set as one of its priorities the protection of the health and safety of its employees and customers and applies a health and safety policy. The Group commits to:

  • Creating a working environment without risks, accidents and occupational diseases
  • Prevention and continuous improvement in the area of health and safety at work
  • Continuously providing information and training to its human resources on issues relating to health and safety in the workplace
  • Maintaining excellent health and safety conditions at work

Through the Health and Safety Management System, in addition to conforming with EU legislation, best practices and prototypes are applied on issues relating to health and safety.

As part of its health and safety policy, Autohellas ensures that the following measures are taken to protect its staff and customers:

  • Design and implement appropriate tools and measures for protection, such as pharmacies at customer service points
  • Continuous monitoring of company activities in order to identify potential risks and take appropriate measures
  • Periodic doctor visits at stations and headquarters.

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