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Hyundai in Greece

Hyundai Hellas was founded on 1 August 1990, undertaking the exclusive representation for cars, parts and support services for the HYUNDAI brand in the Greek market. Since the end of December 2017, 70% of Hyundai Hellas has belonged to Autohellas. Autohellas is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and is a member of the larger Th. Vassilakis Group which operates, inter alia, in the air transport industry through the listed company AEGEAN.

Hyundai Hellas is an innovator in the Greek car market. By organising a network of 41 Licensed Distributors, it is creating new customer-centric services with high added value in both the sales and after-sales stages. It is digitising its operations, it analyses trends and is quick to meet tomorrow’s challenges in the automobile sector. At the same time, it is moving towards producing advanced high-tech hybrid cars as well as the high-performance cars of the N series, turning the HYUNDAI brand philosophy into a tangible reality: the Modern Premium.

Hyundai internationally

Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 and leads the Hyundai Motor Group, an innovative business structure that can manage production resources from heavy steel and shipbuilding to car manufacturing on a worldwide scale. As the fifth largest carmaker worldwide, the HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP is comprised of:

  • 2 car manufacturers
  • 3 steelmakers
  • 14 companies in the shipbuilding and construction sectors
  • 23 other companies in the sectors of high technology, financial services, the production and distribution of spare parts, software, handling services, etc.

With a strategic direction summed up as “Modern Premium”, HYUNDAI is developing a new series of cars with:

  • Excellent design that has won many international awards
  • Unique quality in its construction and reliability that allow it to offer a 5-year factory guarantee without any millimetre limits and to be listed among the leading trusted brands in studies by JD Power
  • Advanced safety and connectivity technology
  • Innovative engines, whether internal combustion or hybrid and electric, led by the fuel cell.
  • Top performances and driving features under the aegis of Hyundai Motorsport, which is known as “N”

With the central goal of making it a leading car manufacturer, HYUNDAI challenges traditional ways of thinking and is expanding into the development, application and integration of technology that will be available for all car categories – from small city cars to large, luxury SUVs. The enjoyment of these technological privileges will not be available only to those drivers who can spend lots of money to purchase their HYUNDAI car. This philosophy has resulted in significant sales and market share in Europe and the USA.

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