The Autohellas Group recognises that the achievement of strategic goals and the maintenance of growth are integrally connected to human resources.

Autohellas pays particular attention to preserving jobs; choosing honest employees; monitoring employee satisfaction levels; evaluating their performance correctly and objectively; taking care of their health and safety at work; the maintenance of family values; and their continuous training.


Health and Safety at Work

Even though the nature of the Group’s operations does not entail significant risks to Health and Safety, the Group ensures that appropriate working conditions are maintained and basic health and safety rules are followed, in order to create a safe working environment and protect its employees. As part of its Health and Safety policy, Autohellas ensures that the following measures are taken to protect its staff and customers:

  • Design and implement appropriate tools and measures for protection, such as pharmacies at customer service points
  • Continuous monitoring of company activities in order to identify potential risks and take appropriate measures
  • Periodic doctor visits at stations and headquarters.

Human Rights

The Group respects the International Human Rights Principles, as these are included in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in particular the principles of:

  • Equal treatment;
  • Respect for human rights;
  • Diversity;
  • Equal opportunities for all employees; and
  • Avoiding the use of child or forced labour.

Securing human rights is a fundamental issue in the training of Autohellas staff, as this is done with a view to ensuring the equality and equal treatment of every customer, with the goal of preventing any form of discriminatory behaviour.


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